Health and Wellbeing Coach


As part of the PCN multidisciplinary team, Health and Wellbeing Coaches (HWBCs) use their coaching skills to support service users who have lower levels of patient activation to become active in reaching their self-identified health and wellbeing goals based on what matters to them. HWBCs carry out their role using a non-judgemental approach, supporting patients to self-identify existing issues and encouraging proactive prevention of new illnesses.


  • Work with patients to identify their goals and support them in managing their own health and wellbeing and live independently
  • Work alongside health, social care, voluntary, community, and social enterprise organisations
  • Provide education and specialist expertise to health staff, aiding their skills and understanding of personalised care and behavioural approaches
  • Promote personal choice and positive risk-taking, while addressing potential consequences and ensuring patients take accountability for their decisions based on what matters to them
  • Provide support  1:1 or via group
  • Support to create a richer picture on practice population health needs and risks; by gaining information about patients’ treatment histories, medication adherence, new symptoms, and management of chronic conditions


Mandatory Training

HWBCs come to the role with a wide variety of transferable skills and experiences. When working in the NHS, a basic level of training is needed before HWBCs should take referrals.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that HWBC have the appropriate level of training, and/or to support their training needs by funding and allowing time to attend training.

Tier 1 practitioners- Mandatory Training

In their first 6-12 months of practice, potentially new to being a HWBC.

A Personalised Care Institute (PCI) accredited four day health and wellbeing coach course. See Accredited training providers (


The employing PCN must identify a Health Coaching supervisor (experienced health coach, accredited by the PCI), who will support in the process of ongoing assessment of the HWBCs competencies and fitness to practice.

A line management supervisor will be required for regular meetings, appraisals and personal development plans and to have an overview of all supervision arrangements that are in place.

Further Information

NHSE Health and Wellbeing Coach Workforce Development Framework

Health and Wellbeing Coach Competency Framework (section 7 and Appendix 2) 

Health and Wellbeing Coach Share and Learn Webinars.

Health and Wellbeing Coach Recruitment Pack (DRAFT from August 2020)  

Health Education England resource to help understand the role, the pay scale and training

Once in post, a care co-ordinator will be able to access the FutureNHS Collaboration Platform an NHS England online learning and support community – with Forums, Resources, National Webinar Series & “share and learn” sessions

All personalised care roles have access to a local ambassador who can share ongoing training and forums- contact [email protected]