Fellowships/preceptorships are funded, short-term opportunities, that can last from a few weeks to a few years. They can be focused on professional, academic and/or personal development. Fellowships/preceptorships are sponsored by a specific association, organization, institution, or government which sets the eligibility requirements.

The Suffolk and North East Essex Training Hub provides access to a variety of fellowships/preceptorships for many career paths within Primary Care. For more information please explore the below options or contact us us using the form.

Benefits of Fellowships/preceptorships

Fellowships/preceptorships can benefit your workforce by: –

  • “Growing your own staff” for future service needs (Nursing Associate/ Registered Nurse roles)
  • Providing you with a motivated and fast-developing workforce.
  • Contributing to retention of staff.


  • Work with experienced staff
  • Learn skills relevant to their employing organisation
  • Get time for training or study during their working week (at least 20% of their normal working hours)

Employer’s need to provide:

  • A safe work environment
  • An induction which includes explaining relevant policies and procedures
  • Opportunities for the student to develop their technical skills within the clinical learning environment.
  • 20% ‘Off-the-job’ training delivered by a training provider during your apprentice’s normal working hours.
  • ‘On-the-job’ training and additional support from practice supervisors or mentors.
  • Both employer and apprentice will need to have a signed apprenticeship agreement and an apprenticeship commitment statement from the learner and training provider.