Introducing the Niche GP Initiative

Looking for a different way of working?  The Niche GP initiative can help

What is GP Niche Working?

Any GP work outside of the traditional GP model of consulting a patient in a booked/triaged surgery.

Some examples of Niche working

  • Medical administration work – Path results, patient letters, SMR’s, medical reports, admin holiday buddy
  • Supervisory work  – Physiotherapist, paramedics, pharmacists, other ARRS roles
  • Defined clinical work: management of patient cohorts with specific clinical conditions – PCN IFF initiatives, high risk drug monitoring, specific patient cohorts e.g. baby checks, LD, dermatology, LARC, care home management
  • Practice governance work – Governance, complaints management, audits, SoPs, appraisals, specific projects

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Contact the Niche GP team here and David Cargill/Penny Flack will be in touch.

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