CPD Funding Requests

CPD For Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

The NHSE CPD funding offer for every NHS nurse, nursing associate, midwife, and allied health professional (AHP) has continued to 2023/2024. Funding is based on NHS Digital workforce headcount, regardless of WTE (full time/part time) and equates to approx. £333 per year per eligible clinician. As part of the planning for CPD, data from the Training Needs Analysis Survey was collated to determine some of the key training priorities highlighted by the SNEE PCNs.

View the NHS England national CPD guidance 2023/24.

What can CPD used for?

  • Equip clinicians with new clinical skills to enhance the care they provide to patients and develop their careers.
  • Support staff in moving between sectors, for example, by enabling nurses and AHPs in hospitals to move to new roles in primary care
  • Support the maintenance of their continuing professional registration by helping them to meet requirements from their professional regulators.

What can’t it be used for?

  • Salaries or back fill
  • Mandatory Training
  • Equipment

What CPD is available?

Please click below to find full details of the 2023/2024 funded training offer on our Clinical Rolling Programme. SNEE Events – Calendar (sneetraininghub.org.uk)

What if I want to request CPD that’s not available as part of the clinical rolling programme?

Small allocation of CPD funding is ringfenced to make allowances for individual CPD requests not currently being offered as part of the clinical rolling programme. The funding is limited, so approval is considered carefully at our monthly CPD panel and determined by the following criteria:

  • Must be a Nurse, Nursing Associate, or an eligible Allied Health Profession, working in a general practice within the Suffolk and North East Essex.
  • CPD requested or similar is not available on the Clinical Rolling Programme
  • Funding you are applying for does not exceed the allocated £333 per person per year or £1000 for three years.
  • You have secured approval of your practice manager of clinical lead at attend the training and will be released for its duration.

Who is eligible?

This funding is not available to nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals in social care, local government or in sectors outside the NHS.

Why are other staff not included?

The included list has been mandated by NHSE in line with the governmental budget allocation for CPD. Training hubs have fed back to NHSE the need for CPD allocation for the wider workforce, in the hope they will be considered in review for future year’s allocations. However, where the Training Hub has been able to secure other small amounts funding, we have aimed to offer some training to other staff groups including non-clinical staff and HCA’s.

What is my commitment when accessing the clinical rolling programme or applying for individual CPD?

You work a Nurse, Nursing Associate, Physiotherapist or a Paramedic within general practice across Suffolk and North Esat Essex

The training aligns with the needs of the primary care network and is relevant to your role.

You have secured approval of your practice manager of clinical lead at attend the training and will be released for its duration.

You commit to attending the full training once booked.

You commit to completing the evaluation survey once complete.

Non-Medical Prescribing

Additionally, if you wish to applying for Non-Medical Prescribing, please note that following the completion of the Expression of Interest form and meeting the pre-requisites, you will receive another form to complete and return.

Please note that decisions are not instant and your application will be brought to the next panel meeting for decision. You will be notified following this meeting.

SNEE Training Hub are still waiting confirmation from NHSE in regard to our allocated Continued Professional Development (CPD) funding budget for April 2024 – March 2025.

Currently we have no definite time frame as to when this might be, therefore individual CPD funding requests remain on hold until further notice.

Please continue to access the Clinical Rolling programme as usual and we will update the website once we have further information.

Thank you for your understanding.

The below request forms are currently closed.

Funding Request

Non-Medical Prescribing Expression of Interest

The below process chart explains the steps that follow once your request has been submitted;