CPD Funding Requests

Continued Professional Development Funding Request

Alongside our regular funded training events SNEE Training Hub can often support with funding towards external courses and modules.

There are currently several funding opportunities available to staff working in GP Practices across SNEE. These include CPD monies from Health Education England specifically for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals as well as other ring- fenced development funds for other roles (including non-clinical staff).

There are also many courses that are available through the apprenticeship routes;  Clinical Apprenticeships | Suffolk & North East Essex Training Hub (sneetraininghub.org.uk)

Access to CPD funding must be linked to personal professional requirements as well as system and population health priorities. This funding aims to support the NHS, and support building skills and expertise of our workforce vital to services and communities.

For clarity, this funding is an investment for CPD/Non-Medical Prescribing and cannot be used for funding backfill.

Additionally, if you are applying for Non-Medical Prescribing, please note that following the completion of the form and meeting the pre-requisites, you will receive another form to complete and return.

Please note that decisions are not instant and your application will be brought to the next panel meeting for decision. You will be notified following this meeting.

Panel Meetings:

Thursday 7th December

Thursday 4th January

Thursday 1st February

Thursday 7th March

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The below process chart explains the steps that follow once your request has been submitted;