Perinatal and Infant Mental Health online Learning

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health online learning

The Parent Infant Foundation and partners have been working to design learning that will upskill and increase awareness of perinatal mental health among professionals working in settings supporting women during pregnancy and up to 24 months after birth, including parent-infant relationship services, maternity services, primary care, charities, and community groups.

The aim of the learning is to ensure the wider workforce can feel more confident to provide quality support, care and/or treatment for mum, baby and family members, at the right time wherever they are. 

There are 11 modules, and each takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete either in a small group or individually at the learner’s own pace. The learning will be beneficial for those who have a good understanding of perinatal mental health and those who have not explored this topic before.

Keith Reed, CEO at Parent Infant Foundation, said:

“The programme will help more practitioners and professionals understand what babies and toddlers need at different developmental stages. It will train a wider range of professionals and practitioners to recognise signs of distress in babies and to understand infant mental health.”

To find out more about the learning and to enrol, visit Perinatal and Infant Mental Health elearning. They have also created a short film to introduce the learning programme.